Do Not Sell My Info

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Effective Date: December 23, 2019

"Do Not Sell My Personal Information" Rights

If you are a California resident, California Civil Code Section 1798.120 may permit you to "opt out" of the "sale" of your "personal information" to "third parties" (as those terms are defined in the CCPA).

Our Privacy Policy describes the limited circumstances in which we may share your information with third parties. Our Privacy Policy also provides you with certain controls and choices regarding our collection, use, and sharing of your information, which may include:

  • Choosing to control targeted advertising from many ad networks and partners; data exchanges; and marketing analytics and digital advertising and marketing service providers by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance
  • Choosing to limit participation in Nielsen digital measurement research (for non-Panelists) by clicking here.